So I met some interesting people at EMS Today, and totally forgot about updating my blogroll. so, in no particular order, I added or updated the following people:

A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver – yeah yeah, I’ve met, and spoken to, Kelly Grayson quite a bit in the past 7 or 8 months but somehow I overlooked this little one on my blogroll. So, I’m making up for it now.

Fire Critic – who could forget about Rhett? A pleasure to speak to as well.

Life Under the Lights – I guess he can be one of the cool kids too

MaddogMedic – This guy is hilarious! Check out the UStream with MadDog as he explains the origins of the name

Movin’ Meat – Never met him. Blog is good though.

Ms Paramedic – bringing the thunder at GenMed and elsewhere

On The Clock – Because Sam the EMT has a rather interesting life, and I think you’ll enjoy it too

So that’s all the updates for now, of course I don’t endorse something I don’t believe in, and these blogs are solid. Check ‘em out!

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Russell Stine is a firefighter/paramedic in a large urban system. He has been employed for 6 years as a street level provider and has delivered care as an EMT and a paramedic across the urban, suburban, and rural settings. He has been in emergency services for 15 years.

  • Sam Bradley

    Maybe someday I’ll make the cut. In the process of moving my blog to

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