I wanted to take a moment and mention something that I think is really cool. Steve Whitehead over at The EMT Spot developed a pretty cool, useful, study guide for helping you pass the National Registry exam.

I have not known Steve for very long, but in the blogging community he is legendary, and I expect nothing less than legendary from The EMT Advantage.

If you are a student at any level and getting ready to take the National Registry exams I encourage you to look to the links to the right and check out The EMT Advantage.

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Russell Stine is a firefighter/paramedic in a large urban system. He has been employed for 6 years as a street level provider and has delivered care as an EMT and a paramedic across the urban, suburban, and rural settings. He has been in emergency services for 15 years.

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    Is there a link?

    • Anonymous

      In the right menu bar or click the banner at the top

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