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Promo video I shot back in 2010 WANTYNU Oxygen Wrenches


I was looking at stats for my fire blog the other day and strange how it still generates traffic even though I haven’t updated it since like July. I’m still …


First Ever Give Away on HybridMedic

Facebook Questions

So I decided to ask a question of my readers/fans on my Facebook page, and I encourage any and all of you to hit up my page and answer it. …

Something New for EMT and Paramedic Students

I wanted to take a moment and mention something that I think is really cool. Steve Whitehead over at The EMT Spot developed a pretty cool, useful, study guide for …

The Apparatus Floor – Season 2!

So we are finally back! I am joined by Brad Buck, Christopher Watford, and Ted Setla as we talk about the Gathering of Eagles and EMS Today 2011. [display_podcast]

Updating the Ol’ Blogroll

So I met some interesting people at EMS Today, and totally forgot about updating my blogroll. so, in no particular order, I added or updated the following people: A Day …


So I’ve come to the decision that this will be my personal blog, as opposed to a primarily training blog. I’m working on a video podcast over at and …


I haven’t been around much, the holidays have kept everyone at my house busy and between the podcast and the holidays throwing everyone off track I haven’t blogged much. After …

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