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FLASHBACK – Influenza Case Study

As flu season hits hard, you should remember what it is exactly we are supposed to do for flu patients, and how to protect yourself. Here, this post from December …

Severe Burns – Case Study

It’s been a long night, you’ve ran non-stop except for the little break you got to sleep maybe 2 or 3 hours during what is considered a truce period. You’ve …

Resuscitation of the Rich and Famous – Martin Luther King Jr

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this out, I was back to work after recovery and was simply too worn out to catch up. Anyways… As previously …

Case Study – Resuscitation of… Part 1

…The Rich and The Famous! I saw this presentation years ago at a symposium in Dayton, OH, when I was a young Basic EMT presented by Peter Lazzara from the …

52 y/o M Chest Pain – Conclusion

If you said early re-polarization, you may or may not be right. Unfortunately, we will never know. This guy refused care even after strong, STRONG advice from me and my …

52 y/o M Chest Pain

Chest pain in a particularly wily older male

Yep, A Stroke

The exciting conclusion from "Possible Stroke" posted a few weeks ago

The Passing Out Game

A new way to get high causes a death in Detroit. You know what you're looking for?

Possible Stroke?

The movie was getting to the good part, you know, where the hero comes through an impossible fight at the end and accomplishes his ultimate end goal. We didn’t quite …

15 y/o Stiff Neck – Conclusion

If you said it was a dystonic reaction, you are correct. This particular dystonia was an acute reaction, with no prior history of psychological disorders. Compazine is one of the …

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