Burn Care At It’s Best

As a firefighter, I see a lot of burns, either thermal, chemical, electrical, or even scalds from hot liquids. Firefighters get burned from any number of sources, many are usually minor but occasionally they can be extensive. Burns are also complicated for EMS. They can test a paramedic and his or her abilities to the max simply because of the degree of damage done.

Education and partnerships are the best ways for providers to both get real science in the way of burns but also for patients to be directed to proper care and set up from the start to have successful treatment. Grady Burn Center in Atlanta has dedicated a portion of it’s page to educating the public and healthcare providers on burn care.

EMS outreach at Grady includes the crews getting to know the physicians on staff as well as teaching advanced burn classes directed at ground level providers. This kind of familiarization speeds the referral process when a patient meets the criteria and in the long run helps patients that come to Grady. I really like this aspect. A lot of times hospitals that court EMS will only provide a small picture of how the hospital really operates, leaving information incomplete and it can slow down the patient getting to proper definitive care. The site even features links to burn care related content, so you’re not having to get search terms just right, you have a one stop shop to go to.

The section seems pretty neat, and works flawlessly. I recommend giving it a look!

This article was written by rstine