EMS World Expo After Action

Hello! Long time no see. I’ve been dealing with site issues for a while now, and I’m happy to report that I am now officially SELF HOSTED. That’s right, this blog exists on it’s own, which means it doesn’t have a ring to belong to and no advertisements or fillers. I wanted to hold off an official announcement till after I attended the expo in Nashville, so now here it is, a week later. I’m going to try and post maybe once a week, if not a clinical pointer or something I’m famous for then it’ll just be me.

Anyway, EMS Expo

I was disappointed. Lots of the topics I saw being presented I am well versed in. There was a lot of offerings in respiratory emergencies, and I got to one presentation by a Vanderbilt flight nurse that had shown a BVM technique I had never seen before (which I got a chance to use my FIRST day back to work) and some pointers on teaching and defining intubation skills and practice.

The topics I didn’t get to see were along the instructor and management tracks primarily, and they were cancelled. I was interested in accident prevention and quantification methods as well, which I was very pleased in the both the instruction.

To explain my disappointment, there really wasn’t any topics that piqued my interest and there really weren’t any new and exciting products on the floor. It seemed to be a rather “blah” year in EMS innovation.

I wasn’t disappointed in the opportunities to see old and new friends. The last time I had seen any of them in person was back in Baltimore in 2011 just before my cancer diagnosis. New encounters included William Random Ward and Amy Eisenhauer from The EMS Siren. I hadn’t met Ben Neal from Louisville in person yet.

It was good to reconnect with Chris and Anne Montera, Jamie Davis, Carissa Caramanis O’Brien, Scott Kier, Charlotte from Zoll (I can’t remember her last name), Dave Konig, and a few others that got me through the year of cancer treatment from afar. It was good to return handshakes and hugs for all the support and encouragement and kindness that seemed to be never-ending.

It got a little spark going to rekindle the burnout I went through over the past couple years, but, more on that later.