Cool The Jets

Be cool!

Easier said than done. Well, unless you’re me, and even I have to tell myself to be cool sometimes. It’s easy to forget.

So why is it so hard for the new guy to be cool? It’s pretty easy for the new to get flustered. The business of an emergency scene can be overwhelming for that person without much experience around them, so it falls to the more experienced to carry most of the way while a new EMT copes with the shock of the dead and the actively dying. Even EMT’s that have been EMT’s for a while but have never touched a 911 scene can get nervous when presented with a scene that involved the need for quick wits and thoughts. It can be exhausting and in some more seasoned providers it gets expressed as frustration.

I can see why those thoughts might be racing by. The directions of a seasoned EMT or Paramedic seem like commands from a god on high as they always have the right timing for a procedure or their own system of doing things that seems so organized it makes what the new EMT would be doing seem too easy.

The answer is simply exposure. The more memory cards a provider gets based on what he or she is exposed to, the faster their recall becomes, and the faster and better organized the thoughts come about what to do next. Especially if a new EMT and an experienced provider are paired together, if the senior provider is a good teacher then it’s likely that healthy habits will develop and continue on the health of the organization towards a more… sublime existence.

So, experienced providers, don’t get so frustrated with your green folks. Teach them and have patience enough to guide them towards healthy habits and patterns, you might need those habits in a pinch some day.

This article was written by rstine