CPR Training in School

I noticed some churning articles about Illinois requiring CPR training as a result of stories with two different outcomes.

I like the idea, but can we really cram more on to high school students? And can we really expect teachers to deliver the material according to the standardized format like Red Cross or AHA with the required quality controls?

The thing is, those organizations already have materials to teach to high school students, and give a card for completion. It doesn’t measure competency in the way that other programs like Heath Care Provider or ACLS do with written exams and mandatory passing rates. In theory, one could ignore the video and associated sing-a-long and pass through and become “Peter Griffin Certified CPR” without ever actually learning the procedure. This is why it is important that these students are being taught properly, like the first aid in training Ottawa, Canada. The skills learned are essential, so the training is fundamental.

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I’m all for teaching more people CPR, but if it’s to be done with high school kids, they need to learn it the correct way in addition to learning basic first aid and how to care for minor ailments and when it is appropriate and not appropriate to use 911 and when to call their doctor.