It seems that I can’t keep a promise.

I told you, faithful reader, that I’d be around more often.

Well, I have, if you follow Twitter. But hey, I’ve been busy!

We were training one new paramedic in the ways of the Force, then he finished, and I guess we did such a good job that we got another guy almost immediately. He quickly received a culture shock. It makes me sad when we have to take a genuinely nice guy and teach him how the world really spins, but he is adapting well under supposedly expert tutelage. I’ve also been teaching, nothing too interesting just refresher classes but I am involved in the Advanced EMT transition course for our Tennessee EMT-IV technicians at the side job, and stuff about that is forthcoming.

Other than that, I see that my posts on capnography and IV starting technique are still highly popular, which is good. I’m glad that the oldies in my archives are still the goodies, and may get an update based on new ideas I’ve been developing.

I’ve amassed a few thoughts about changes lately. We recently switched to new IV catheters (BD Insyte Autogard BC) and all I’ve heard from supposedly good people is “I can’t start an IV with these!” or similar complaints about how they can’t figure them out. I’m sorry, but maybe you weren’t as strong as you thought you were if you can’t adapt your technique to changing equipment. The same goes for pretty much anything new that we do. If you can’t change your style to adapt to the service, then maybe you need to re-think your approach.

I have always tried to make my techniques and habits to be adaptable. If you know me personally then you know that not much is set in stone with me (except principles) and I’m usually not so inflexible to say that something just straight up won’t work. If I believe in the idea and it needs some help, then I will offer my opinion to what I think will make it better. Likewise, if I just don’t care, I will stay quiet. I am usually not complaining about something unless I have a solution.

My burnout level rises and falls pretty sharply lately. Hopefully, I will have a visit to a conference soon to recharge my depleted batteries.

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