Wake Up Call

My struggle against cancer last year is nothing new. As a matter of fact, I pretty much broadcasted it into the internet and found much support, and even a few survivors. When Trey Erwin was diagnosed with terminal cancer this spring, it reminded me of a pledge I had made to myself.

Trey passed on July 5, weeks before his 16th birthday. As a survivor, every time someone loses the battle we collectively feel the loss. Someone so young, fought so hard, and still lost. Admittedly, I have survivor’s guilt.

Trey’s memory certainly lives on in the lives of those he touched, directly and indirectly. We can learn from his memory, which is the last gift the dead give to the living. I’m talking about not waiting until it’s too late to live like today was the last, like tomorrow will never come, from moment to moment and cherish every one because it will never come again.

We have technology at our finger tips (you are reading a product that technology), and we spend more time “plugged in” than we do plugged in to our environment or our families. We gorge ourselves on fast food as opposed to home cooking our meals and sitting down with our families. I’ve been watching more of a guy on YouTube who goes by the name “Nutnfancy,” who has an interesting life philosophy.

“Live your life to impress yourself.”

Are we living to the fullest we could? Are we going to end this life without regret of things we never did either out of fear of failure or a desire for security? Did you ever find a new sense of security by stepping out of the old and trying something new? I don’t mean be reckless or careless but do something different that you had always wanted to do. It’s important to get out and discover those limitations, and then totally exceed them.

In <6 months, 15 year old Trey Erwin lived with cancer, and it had to take him in a surprise attack.

Go out and make some memories. What’s your excuse?