Pray For Trey

I wanted to express gratitude for everyone who came to my aid last year, you certainly kept me going more than you could ever know. The turnout for me last year was overwhelming, and brought a very big world home to me in a way that kept me going every day.

I’m asking you to do it again. But not for me.

Jay Erwin is a Memphis firefighter/paramedic and his 15 year old son, Trey, a very athletic young man, began having some abdominal pain and was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer

There has been a very large turnout of ideas to get Jay’s family the money they need and the time they need. I am working 60 hours for him in May.

One of the firefighters here has started making t-shirts, and I’m trying to find an avenue to get them out so you can support Trey, so I’ll update when I can.

You can read more on the story here

You can follow Trey on Twitter @TreyErwin13

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  • Christopher Matthews

    Try selling them on a free Vendio store (fees only apply if you start with a bunch of eBay integration).  You can tie it to PayPal and maybe to Google Checkout too. I’ve used them in the past and it has worked ok, for a free online store. They also don’t take a per item sold fee.

  • Chris

    Hey sorry this was the only avenue i had of getting this information to the family. The family should look into a Kangen or Vollara alkaline water system and get Trey started on some immediately. They can also look at the movie “Food Matters”and see the alternative methods of treating cancer not known to the public which doesn’t half kill you like Chemo. After losing my uncle to Bone Cancer I have researched various methods and since cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment the alkaline water will help starting to reverse his condition.    

  • Goodidealady

    SOM230 is a med that is so new it is not FDA approved yet, but I was allowed Compassionate Use for my rare and progressively lethal condition. It is now also being tested to battle PANCREATIC CANCER! Go to It is making noticeable differences, and I have only been on it 5 weeks. Side effects have NOT been like chemo’s. Novartis listed in my Patient Consent Form that it was “developed for the treatment…of…some pancreatic…tumors”. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS