Getting On With It Part 1

So I had my surgery on Wednesday. It was a tough drive from Ohio to Indiaapolis and we arrived about 30 minutes late. They said be there at 0700, we got there at 0730. But the traffic was ridiculous through the construction followed by a right hand exit to immediately jump 5 lanes to a left hand exit, and the rain, and it was just awful.

Anyway, thankfully I pre-registered so I was able to get in quickly. I was only in the perioperative waiting area for a few minutes before I was called back for the actual prep work. I met like 4 different residents for anesthesia, then the actual anesthesiologist, then all the residents who were with my surgeon, Dr Foster. I got my IV started and my belly trimmed for where they would be cutting. They explained the various pain management things they would do, and I decided on a spinal block and a PCA pump of dilaudid.

I had to walk to the operating room, which was a little unusual, and get on the table myself. It would still be several minutes before they started doing much. I got warm blankets to keep me warm while they waited on the drugs to take effect. I remember the conversation I had with the anesthesia resident while I was being put under:

“Pick out a good dream.” he said
“The Dolphins winning a game?”
He chuckled “I meant a practical dream.”
“The Colts winning a game?” The collective groan in the room was heard…

I don’t remember much after that and waking up in the PACU. It felt like I had done a thousand sit ups and I had a big wad of bandages running midline down my belly. I had a new IV in my left wrist that was where my PCA pump was hooked up to. I ended up waiting in PACU for another 5 hours, members of my family were allowed back in intervals for about 5 or 10 minutes until I could get a room. It turns out, Dr. Foster likes all his patients in one area of the hospital so I had to wait on a specific unit, and the room I was supposed to go to the man who was being discharged passed out when he stood up, so I had to wait a bit longer. I eventually got a private room.

Stay tuned for Part 2