MCI Drills

I feel like I neglected this but back in May I had the opportunity to live broadcast several sessions of a local MCI drill created by Paragon Medical Education and hosted by the Medical Education and Research Institute. It was an excellent exercise that they host about every other month and is pretty close to realistic as possible. The situation is a simulated IED blast in an office building, and the participants are tasked with rapid triage and patient removal, and we shot video in the treatment area. The manikins they are using are hyper-realistic and run by wireless computers that respond to treatments in real time. It is by far the most realistic training exercise for MCI I have seen. Here, check out the videos over at UStream.

I did interviews with attendees as well as AJ Heightman from JEMS, who was visiting and observing the cadaver lab and MCI drill for an upcoming article.

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