First Ever Give Away on HybridMedic

D Sharon Pruitt, original owner, used under Creative Commons
I turn the ripe old age of 27 today.

The wife and I are celebrating at home, and I am taking it easy per the doctor’s orders.

The blog has it’s first birthday on July 6th.

In honor of birthdays, I decided I would do a give-away. Nothing too fancy, but I have books by Peter Canning that I’ve read countless times. If you haven’t read “Paramedic: On the Front Line of Medicine” or “Rescue 471,” you can get them here, but there is a catch. I also have an autographed copy of the 1st season of the Confessions of an EMS Newbie podcast signed by Kelly Grayson (yes, THE Kelly Grayson).

Between now and midnight July 5th, send a guest post to about how you got into EMS and what keeps you in it. Be sure it is 500 words or less and contains no technical jargon, these should be enjoyable posts “from the heart” about you. Include your full name and address in the email and if it is permissible to re-post your name (your email will remain confidential) or send a Twitter handle, or both if you have one.

One winner will be posted each day starting July 6th, with the judges being randomly asked people within the EMS Blogs network. In your email, be sure to state which Canning book you would like or the CD. Only one winner will be chosen for each, ties will be broken by time of submission. I have money in my PayPal account for shipping, so this is totally free to you, all you need do, is send in a guest post.

Good Luck!

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