Weirdest Day Ever Part 2

Picking up where I left off...

We made a call to ANOTHER pediatric call. This one, though, was far lower impact to what we had just encountered, and resulted in a refusal. Well baby check ups/assessments are usually pretty straight forward, and mom had no desire to take an ambulance ride. So a strong recommendation to be seen either on your own or at the doctor’s office, some paperwork, and we were on our way.

From there, we ran a quick errand, got back to the station just in time to catch our next call. A man down on the east side of town. 10 miles later, we pick up an intoxicated man in the parking lot of a gas station. This guy is so intoxicated that he can’t even speak in an understandable manner. While I’m at the hospital I come across a nurse I hadn’t seen in a long time. Turns out, she was in a bad car crash and was in and out of hospitals and rehab centers

A car into a tree. In a residential neighborhood. With an absolutely straight and level road surface. I am still trying to figure out how it happened. After a quick assessment, we were doing our first transport of the day which was fairly simple and turned around quickly.

We made it back to the station, and I’m glad I ate again because this time we were gone A LONG time.

We were originally dispatched to a full arrest on the other side of town (a good 10 miles away). Meanwhile, the dispatchers were criss-crossing units all over downtown. We were cancelled en route and almost immediately directed to another call at an apartment complex. Police on the scene with a sick person.

When we arrive we find a man who had been locked in a closet for several months by a man who was charging an insane amount of rent for such poor treatment, only offered to feed this person a few times a month. This guy was emiciated, rail thin and so weak he couldn’t walk. So we loaded him up on our stair chair and got him outside. Fortunately he was in decent shape besides being nearly starved to death.

We waited for 5 hours at the hospital.

When we got back, the night was finally topped. We were dispatched to a demonic possession. Well, it wasn’t dpstahced like that, but the rip and run said the devil was coming out of this woman. When we got there, we found the family surrounding this woman reading from the Bible and one guy had a 3 foot crucifix. This woman did appear to be having a genuine psychiatric problem, but the family was compounding the issue. I wrote about this call in “Demonic Possession.”

The day just went weird, and maybe the way it started threw me off for the day and I didn’t recover fully until the next day but it was quite strange the way some things played out. It just seems like this topped any experiences I have had in a long time.

This article was written by rstine