What is a patient?

In case you missed this over at EMS Office Hours, listen to it.

Some of my comments were cut short due to time, but I wanted to expand on it just a little bit. We have listened to this debate before on EMS Garage, but I wanted to say a bit more.

I think of a patient that presents with a medical complaint, as in you get a call and the person complains about a stomach pain, or an injured wrist, or something that requires evaluation or treatment at a hospital. Those are complaints.

A call about a person with a medical issue and arriving to find none, there are no patients. The person called 911 to use a cell phone (Jim’s case), that person is not a patient and no further record need be made except that you arrived to find no patient. Taking his name, or other documentation is not required.

I was taught this in Ohio, that patients present with complaints, all others are just callers.

This article was written by rstine