RoboCop Statue in Detroit

As if things in Detroit weren’t getting laughable enough, someone has to go and do this Sci-fi fans, rejoice: RoboCop statue coming to Detroit

Now, it is a privately funded effort, but this got me laughing so hard my wife had to physically stop me:

“The statue has set off debates about the artistic value of a RoboCop statue. Some complain that the movie, about a dystopian, crime-ridden Detroit, would hurt the city’s image.”



And the best part is that the group is working with the mayor to find a public place to put it. I can imagine it now. A clean, well funded and crime free Detroit, all brought about by RoboCop… the statue.

With all their issues though, I have been wondering when that takeover by OmniCorp was going to happen.

This article was written by rstine