Hybridmedic’s Year In Review

So at the insistence of my long time friend from junior high and high school Katie, who runs the blog DomesticDebacle, I decided to do a year in review.

The first quarter of the year was rather dull, my son hit his 1st birthday in February and has been growing ever since. I had a growing interest in paintball during this time, so when I was able, I was out on the field. This took a heavy toll on the finances because the game is just so darn expensive. I spent some more time painting the house, which has become an activity I have learned to loathe.

During the second and third quarter I was working a good amount of sub time for other people, but still had a pretty decent amount of home time. We had a guy transfer in during this time, so details came to us as we started going elsewhere to cover paramedic spots.

I also went on vacation and had my wallet stolen in Columbus. That was no fun. Shutting down cards and ordering new ones became a huge hassle because the bank was changing over carriers for their credit/debit cards, and it took much longer than normal. That wouldn’t be the end to my card problems, as it turns out.

I started the blog in July, and man, has it been a wild ride. Tweet ups, meets ups, podcasts, and most notable, EMS Expo (the first time I have been to an EMS conference) in Dallas. It was only 8 hours away, so I drove. I forgot the hotel check in time was after 3pm, so I ended up wandering around downtown Dallas for a few hours. I was soon joined by Scott Kier (@medicSBK, April (@gingermedic) and her friend Dave Kozina (@DaveyK_EMTP).

That was a blast. I attended a lot of seminars on kids and toured the exhibit floor. The best part was the meet ups. Scott and I put one together in Dallas at the House of Blues, and we ended up going from around 10 people to like 50. Zoll showed up and got us off the porch, which we had taken over, and into a room behind the bar. We tipped well.

After the first day of the Expo we went to the blogger meet up put on by JEMS. We only made an appearance then went to another bar downtown to play darts, which Chris Montera (@geekymedic) promptly lost in a 2 on 2 bout with Kyle Bates.

All in all, met a lot of wonderful people and definitely looking forward to going to another conference.

The wife and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on October 19th.  It is so wonderful to have my best friend and wonderful mother as my wife.

2010 ends on a even keeled noted. I worked Christmas Eve, so between having the family in town and riding the unit at night I was plum worn out. Made it feel not so much like the holidays any more. I was also the 3rd anniversary of my friend Amanda’s death, so the holidays are usually bitter sweet.

Bring on 2011!

This article was written by rstine