Things you find while cleaning out a closet…

So I was cleaning out the closet in my spare bedroom (at the insistence of the wife) and was brought to witness upon old memorabilia I had stored away in there. Among them where these two items:

My old helmets. The one to the right is what I wore as a Fire Explorer during my tenure in Xenia from 1998-2002. The funny part is that a few months ago my dad was called by a friend in the City of Springfield, OH parks department and shown another long lost treasure, my old coat from when I was an Explorer, which still had my name and serial number marked on the inside flap.

The helmet on the left is one I purchased specifically for use with my volunteer department. It is preserved as is, except for some dust, ready for it’s next use that will probably never come. My helmet in Memphis looks much more “salty” that either of these combined.

So why show you these?

I like to try and preserve a bit of the past wherever I go, as personal items such as these allow me a connection to reflect on what was, and what is to come.

As we begin this holiday season, instead of thinking about what should be on your Christmas list, or where you’re going to get your neighbor or your co-worker or you wife/husband/girlfriend/mother/father/son/daughter, you should take the moment to breathe in a deep breath and think about all that is around you and be thankful that you have those things. Be sure to thank whatever deity you worship that you have what you have in a time when so many have so little, and be so mindful of others in order to sacrifice something to give to someone else.

Now, how much longer till the turkey?

This article was written by rstine