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Things that make you go “ughhhh…”

Ever had a type of call, duty, or other part of your job you just don't like doing? Find out what makes us go "ugh.."
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“Kay… Somethin’s peekin’!” OB Emergencies

For some unspecified reason, EMT’s and Paramedics are terrified of OB/GYN emergencies, particularly childbirth. They take a natural, normal process of human reproduction and increase the stress level both on …


Abandoned Houses Have Surprises

Abandoned houses are a nuisance to the community and hazard to firefighters, find out why


Things you find while cleaning out a closet…

So I was cleaning out the closet in my spare bedroom (at the insistence of the wife) and was brought to witness upon old memorabilia I had stored away in …

Ineffective Breathing – Conclusion

You get your pateint on the cot and get her outside fast. Your partner gets an IV and you start working on getting another set of vitals. As the oscillometric …
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Episode 9 – P.F. Chang’s and Magical Unicorns

How P.F. Chang's and magical unicorns effect you in fire/EMS, this podcast is a good one!

“Bail Out!” – Self Rescue with a Bail Out Bag

Self rescue techniques will save your bacon when you need to escape a dangerous situation. This is one of the tools you need to survive.

Ineffective Breathing

The dispatcher wakes you from a sound sleep with a traditional morning wake up call. You made it back after taking a refusal on an anxious person several hours prior, …

Where do these go again? 12 lead placement

Ever wonder what to do with those 12 lead cables? Don't understand where the proper placement in all the drawings and diagrams? Don't do 12 leads, but want to learn how? This is the guide on how to set it up.

Detroit EMS – A System in Failure

I’ve been watching this story ever since I became aware of the problem in Detroit, and wow, this is tough to keep up with. If you want the short version …

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