The One with the Mechanism of Injury

So, if you haven’t seen this video, you have been missing out.

If you resemble this video, shame on you.

Now, this video had like 16,000 views on YouTube and it speaks to a point. I’m actually surprised that Rogue Medic didn’t pick up on this sooner.

Remember my earlier post on trauma triage guidelines and assessment (you should, it’s like one of the most recent) well this plays right into it. We have been educating our young EMT’s and Paramedics to scare people into compliance using phrases like “you may be paralyzed” using teaching anecdotes like “This one time I knew a guy…” IT’S CRAP!!!!

I feel bad because it happened to me before I knew better. We had a motorcycle crash way out in the sticks and the guy was combative but not unstable, just because it sounded bad and we were far away from a level I trauma center we called a helicopter. The flight crew showed up, intubated the guy, and flew him off. I found out that later that man’s only injury was a broken leg. Not worth a flight.

Do an assessment, think about what you’re doing, document your findings well. Do these things and you can’t be wrong.