So tired of South Fulton

I’m a little tired of hearing about South Fulton, so I decided to try and do a show not discussing it, which failed. Sorry if I seem to trail off at times, my son was being a toddler and wasn’t very happy with anything I did to amuse him. I even had to wander into the living room to get his snack cups, which made my headset cut out.

Only a 30 minute short, no one called in, and I also spoke about the PA medic who was spit on and FAA proposals to add black box terrain warning systems to medical helicopters. Funny note about medical helicopters, and I plug the First Few Moments podcast (episode 10 is mahhhvelous) and the Animated Stories of the Freeway Patrol video so popular now a days, with a blog post about it forthcoming. Not my greatest show, but hopefully we will be changing formats soon.