Request Lines

I assure you, I AM still taking requests, but I am adding another layer of structure. Mondays will now be the day I post requested material. This is in addition to Midweek Mashup and the usual Friday posting, this is to give me plenty of time to properly research and formulate a reply to requests and present it. Depending on how complex a topic is, I may be only to get to one at a time and some times I may answer two or more.

So send in those requests! It’s tough coming up with material all by myself, and I do what I do not only because I enjoy it, but so that you and others may benefit from knowledge you might not normally see. I’m on Twitter @hybridmedic and you can “LIKE” the blog’s Facebook page on the right side of the screen and suggest content there.

Thanks for watching!

This article was written by rstine