I’ve been on vacation for the past week or so, and had a lot of time to reflect on some things in the industry. I’ve been mainly BS’ing with the information superhighway, including putting my wife and toddler to sleep with EMS Garage and EMSEducast podcasts (both of which are not boring in the slightest and are very worthwhile programs when you have the time to listen) and I came across a few topics that kept me interested and thinking. I’m thinking that I’ll hopefully present a little information about soon. I’ll do it either another anecdote/case study type deal or just plain outright summarize it, I haven’t decided yet.

Either way, here’s a summary of my vacation. Rented car, drove, picked up dude in Kentucky, played two days of paintball in Indiana, drove back, woke up early, slept, drove some more, slept, went to COSI in Columbus, OH, got my wallet stolen, drove, researched disposable CPAP systems, drove some more. Tomorrow the family and I are going to Cedar Point (yay) then the long drive back to Memphis.

Things on my agenda on my return: clean, mow lawn, clean, plan kitchen remodel, play with baby, write some blog posts while baby is sleeping, play with baby some more. I’m booked until the weekend.

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