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“Bread and Butta” Fires

This is the first fire related case study. Hope you enjoy. Scenario You are assigned to an engine company in a mid to low income area of your city. Your engine is staffed with four personnel, a dedicated driver, an … Continue reading

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I’ve been on vacation for the past week or so, and had a lot of time to reflect on some things in the industry. I’ve been mainly BS’ing with the information superhighway, including putting my wife and toddler to sleep … Continue reading

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Case study 1 – “she talkin’ out her head…”

Since very little happened during my last rotation, I am going to present something from a long time ago, so bear with me as some of the facts may be a bit fuzzy. The names, times, and locations have been … Continue reading

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Welcome to my secret underground lair…

I am going to TRY and post something here every week, either fire or EMS related, or maybe both. I’ll invent some case studies or something based on a selected call from that week or rotation, or just an update … Continue reading

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