Burn Care At It’s Best

As a firefighter, I see a lot of burns, either thermal, chemical, electrical, or even scalds from hot liquids. Firefighters get burned from any number of sources, many are usually minor but occasionally they can be extensive. Burns are also complicated for EMS. They can test a paramedic and his or her abilities to the

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The Death of Leonard Nimoy: A Lesson on COPD

Everybody loved Spock. But the acting legend behind him, Leonard Nimoy, was diagnosed with a disease that is all too common in EMS contacts. Nimoy was suffering from the effects of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, or COPD. If you were a follower of his Twitter page, you’d notice he tweeted on the symptoms quite frequently,

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Recognizing Stroke

Several weeks ago (well, over a month now) I was approached by the American Recall Center¬†(go check them out!)¬†about publishing a Code Stroke/Stroke Awareness post. If you’ve noticed, I’m super slow on getting things out because when I’m not working I’m usually dead to the world. Collectively, we’ve done a pretty good job on training

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Public or Private?

Privatization of EMS is something that makes the IAFF’s skin crawl. Recently in Brook Park, OH, firefighters protested the mayor’s decision to examine a private provider providing EMS. “Fire based EMS is the way to go…” was one quote from the article. It was following by more crying that it’s unsafe and unfair, blah blah

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